“Every mountain top is within reach if you just keep climbing.”

— Richard James Molloy

Recent projects

  • Bicycle Generator (5/6/2017) - Build your own bicycle generator, and charge your mobile or laptop with clean energy!
  • شاحن USB بواسطة الشمس على حقيبة الظهر (11/19/2016) -  !دع الشمس تمدك بالطاقة أنت و أجهزتك المتنقلة (هاتف خلوي, جهاز لوحي, حاسب) عن نفاذ البطارية ! هذا المشروع سهل للغاية و لا يحتاج أدوات اللحام أبدأ 
  • LED Controlled Lamp (11/8/2016) - Home Automation is a new field that is growing rapidly. You can automate anything in your house and control it remotely. This gives you statistics on usage and gives you access to your house while you are away to control your heater, coffee machine, and the lightning. In this small project, I will be controlling More


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